rowan tobias.


(contact me at, or on twitter @lainiwakuras)

Terms of Service

(by commissioning me, you agree to these terms)

refunds available until finished product is close to completion

no nsfw/fetish/hate art

i reserve the right to decline any client

personal use OK, commercial use not OK (can negotiate)

resizing/cropping/edits OK, but don't reuse as a base

furries/animals only, may make exceptions

payment up front

fast turnaround (within a week)

Commission Types

(all prices in USD via paypal)

--> vector icon

15$ base price, +5 for complex designs, +10 for added background, +5 for shading.

background can be transparent or single color/gradient for free.

headshot only.

can be lined or lineless. please specify!

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